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FictionSphere Update #5 + PAX East

Hello Everyone!

Today we have a short update for you guys. As you know we're still currently revamping the enemies, But we're working on some stages Side by side. Firstly I'd like to officially announce that we'll be out at

Kickstarter was generous enough to offer us a spot to demo the game at their booth So If you're in the area from 4-6pm come stop by and say hi. Unfortunately we will not have the new demo up as it's not ready yet. Hope to see some of you there!

Next. We haven't been able to get much of the enemies done. It's still in progress and We're Hoping to have them done soon. Since not everyone on the Team has GM , to cut costs , and help save some time. I've been working on a Web App That allow Pixel Artist's To view our assets and help find the correct Info about them so it will be easier when importing them back into our game. GM users will know the tedious nature of recompiling and finding the correct info about their Assets. But this will speed up the process and provide accurate information that will be presented around the team, since it was built through GM anyways :^) . 

With that being said we're also working on getting some Stages Done To have a Hopeful new demo Take a look at some of these screenshots!

That's All For now! See you in the next update, and hope to see you at PaxEast! 


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