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Classic 2D Action!

Travel and platform your way through diverse enviorments!

Unleash A Custom Combo!

Create your own unique combos to style up on enemies and bosses!

Retro Arcade fun!

Find classic yet familiar mechanics scattered throughout FicionSphere

Learn new abilities

Level up and learn new abilities to add to your arsenal!


Our hero is a wise-cracking hot-blooded youth with the persona hiding his resentment of the world. Harnessing the power of infinity, ratio is able to manipulate his physical capabilities to fight and protect settlers from danger.

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Weak Attack

Your standard offensive option. On the weaker side of your aresenal but can open up cans to something greater!


Powerful skills that you'll learn along your journey. Create a skillset of 3 abilities and customize your damage output!

Buster Attacks

While weak at it's base, you can charge your buster by holding down the "Shoot Button" to unleash powerful Buster skill shots!

Gallery Shooter

Switch to gallery shooter mode by press B. Aim at your foes with the right thumbstick and shoot them with the RB button

Defensive Skills


Evade your enemies attacks to prevent taking damage!


Pressing Forward at the right time will negate certain enemies attacks from hurting you. It can save your skin when you're in a bit of bind.



Charge your buster up to level 3 and press the Y button to unleash an EX move


Since the dawn of mankind our survival as a species has always been challenged, and in the distant future a new Threat awaits...

Phantasms... Humans who have succumbed to the phanteria infection, have left nothing but destruction in their wake. They battle against

a small population of humans who have immunity to the phanteria and in turn manifested supernatural feats...earning the name "Excells".

Many years after the first phantasms have surfaced, Astral Technologies created a counterforce known as "Apostoloids" Who aid the Excells in battle.

Ratio a vagabond who watches over the remaining human slums, is caught in the crossfire and where our story begins.


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