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FictionSphere update #4

A new update has appeared hooray! As the saying goes New Year New Me (although we're about 19 days into it already!), since I've launched the rework of the website I may as well create a new update too. 
We've been getting busy and again apologize for the delays in updates, as updates will be getting less frequent. We're doing our best to make update content , but we'll be focusing more on developing the games content as things are kicking into the next stage.  

As mentioned in the previous updates the engine rework is still in full scale production. We're nearing to the point where we can say that it's almost as close to where it was before but with a few extra features implemented primarily the battle system. Majority of the main features as you've might have seen in the past have already been redone save for a few leftover actions for Ratio which will go hand in hand with the new updates i'm about to show. The Enemies are currently in production as Ratio's Actions in the game is nearing completion and I needed some enemies before actually progressing. 

Ratio Changes

  1. No longer able to pass through enemies
    The first New changes is the way you'll interact with enemies. Ratio will no longer be able to pass through enemies and will be stopped upon contact with and enemy, or even pushed back in some cases. We made some counter-measures so you won't be stuck inside an enemy, and you'll get pushed back in the event that you do., however if there are many enemies above you, you'll be trapped (which can be remedied by evading or jumping out the way. This will not be applied to enemies who are hurt.

  2. Parry will be unlocked and accessible to all game mode from the start
    We heard the feedback about the parry and we're glad that you all love the feature so much, previously we had only intended the feature as an upgrade and only unlocked at the start for the easy mode of our game. That being said the mechanic has been reworked a bit to sort of emulate a particular "Game"  So it should feel much smoother when using it now. The parry will be an accessible tool straight from the gates and added upgrades are planned for it too. 

The next section is regarding the enemies in which they have a few changes reworked to their patterns. Enemies when in groups will fight a bit smarter and try to fight together in a way similar to actual beat-em-up games.

Here are a few changes. 

  1. The enemies will now take turns attacking
    Unlike before Enemies will all try to attack you at the same time which may lead to some unfair disadvantages when in the corner. Since we'll be planning larger scale battles with enemy mobs we want to introduce an environment where the player will still have a chance to fight back. Now this does not mean that the other enemies will not attack you, the AI can still attack out of turn but just not as frequent which is the intended action that way the enemies aren't just pushovers or punching bags.

  2. Updated the Enemies Avoid and Follow Commands
    Although the past enemies did this already, the enemies now will be much smarter with keeping its distance away from you, some enemies will avoid you when you try to get to close while others may not. The enemies themselves will try to act to the best case scenario to make sure you die.

  3. Enemies will no longer stack on top of each other when idling 
    Much like ratio in a way, when the enemies are in combat and are "idling" they will try their best to prevent each other from stacking. This is to prevent easy enemy kills where they are all atop one another and will bring a bit more challenges to the battles. While this may make it a bit harder it can also work to your advantage too if you're an experience player. 

With that out of the way those are the bigger changes and we'll be moving forward to actually reworking the rest of the enemies that you've seen in the demo thus far and hopefully more enemies along the way.

We're currently revising the new intro stage since the previous one were very prototype assets. We may put out a new updated demo available since it'll reflect all the new changes that we're doing and will make the old one outdated and obsolete. We currently don't have an ETA on it and it won't be anytime soon either. But we'll make sure to keep everyone in the loop. After this initial demo to the public all other future Updates will only be available to beta testers Only. 

Extra updates
I've been meaning to put this as it's own update but things have gotten busy and haven't had the time to write it up. So here it is now. 

Lately I've been working on finding ways to make juicy effects for the game. This is still a prototype but can make way for a lot of interesting features in the game. One such effect I've been working on is a Voronoi fracture (shatter) effect. In fact the shatter effect was already done previously which is what you guys saw in the KS video.

But that one was to primitive and wasn't dynamic enough. The process was insanely tedious too due to the fact i had to pick out the points manually one by one by mouse click.


So i decided to create a new effect which was much more dynamic than the first one. I won't explain too much about the process because maths ... which suck at, but here's the new prototype for something greater. You can probably see how it can be used and added to the game to bring impact or 
cut-down costs on making new assets. 

Here is an example of how it works and the fruits of my labor

Just kidding here's the actual footage

And now its that time again where we depart from the updates.  Thank you for reading thus far and keeping interest in the project!

Until Next time 


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